March 17, 2018



MEDSICON presents a rare opportunity for young scholars and researchers, to present their papers and scientific posters all in one event.
This unusual two staged event allows all interested inquisitive minds to display their scientific posters in the first leg and then present their research papers to our esteemed jury in the second leg.
Our aim is to provide the delegates a unique platform to exhibit their work, interact and learn from one another. The best poster entries then get to present their paper at the podium. The best poster and paper presentations will be awarded.



    All participants are required to submit a short abstract of their work to be short listed by a research review committee.
    The abstract should not only be an introduction to your paper but also describe briefly the details and findings of your research. A well written abstract must arouse among the readers curiosity towards your project.


    MEDSICON welcomes its participants with open arms. All interested delegates get a chance to participate in the first leg, the scientific poster presentation. The purpose of this level is to allow delegates to put across their scientific ideas using captivating visuals and text, as well as appreciate the work of their counterparts.
    10 of the best poster presenters win the opportunity to take their projects to the next round of paper presentation. Also, from the posters that didn’t make it to the second leg, the best posters will be rewarded.


    The papers would be presented on the podium orally with the help of PowerPoint presentations to the distinguished and experienced members of jury and fascinated audience. This would be followed by a question round.
    The competition is open to all undergraduates and interns.
    Research projects of all types: laboratory, clinical and community are welcome.


The contents of the abstract should be under the following disciplines

  • Background – What is it your project about?
  • Objectives- why did you do this project?
  • Methodology- how did you proceed?
  • Conclusion- what are the results? What do the results mean?
  • Take home (if possible) – carry home message for other delegates to relate to.



  1. Format- pdf
  2. Word limit – 500 words (Excluding the title and authors)
  3. Font- Times New Roman (Titles – size 14 ; Normal text – size 12)
  4. Paragraph/Sentence Spacing: 1.5pt
  5. Paper Margin: 1” on all sides
  6. Language English (For terms in the vernacular, closest translations must be provided)
  7. Abstract may include flow charts or relevant pictorial representations (not a necessity)
  8. Must contain details of all the authors of the paper and contact information.
  9. The PDF file to be submitted must be named “Research Paper – Short title”. Example: Research Paper – DOTS Compliance


Last date for abstract submission is 20th April 2018 1500 IST


  1. Dimensions of the poster – 100 X 100 cm
  2. The poster should not be mounted on foam/cardboard or any sort of backing, so as to allow its easy display on board.
  3. Only one presenter is allowed for the poster. Details of the team and the college should be clearly displayed on the lower right corner of each poster.
  4. Demonstration time for the poster’s contents is 2 minutes followed by questions from the judges.



  1. Each team is allowed to have one presenter (only authors/co authors of the paper)
  2. The order of presentation is determined at random by drawing lots. The contestants cannot change the order of presentation.
  3. Time allotted for oral presentation is 5 minutes after which there will be a question round for 2 minutes.
  4. PowerPoint presentations with audio visual additions are welcome. (Provided content is original)
  5. Teams must carry a hard copy of their papers as well.


  1. Plagiarism will be strongly frowned upon. Any case of plagiarism will be suspended immediately.
  2. The person entering accepts responsibility to obtain any clearances required and the organizing committee accepts entry on this understanding.
  3. Decisions of jury and organizing committee will be final and irrevocable.
  4. Organizing committee reserves the right to amend the above guidelines.


Deadline for Abstract Submission is 20th April, 2018 @ 1200 hrs IST

Abstracts to be submitted in PDF format to –
List of selected abstracts will be displayed by 20th April 2018.
For any queries,
Email us at
Or Contact –
Sukirat Singh Bhatia: +91-95602-78520
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