April 19, 2016




The Student Scientific Committee of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College is proud to announce the Star Event of our conference, First of its kind: PAPER PRESENTATION REVIEW.




This isn’t just a workshop with one way lectures but an opportunity for young creative minds to get their work analyzed and cross checked by the responsible committees, reverend journal editors and faculty. It provides a newer and a practical approach to paper writing lessons.



============ Contest Mechanism ============




– All participants are required to email their papers to medsiconacademics@gmail.com for short listing. Submitted papers would be reviewed by a jury panel comprising of renowned publishers and journal editors.


– Ten papers would be chosen for the stage 2 of the workshop.




-Selected papers would be presented anonymously and discussed in the workshop by the esteemed faculty, picking out strengths and flaws for the enlightenment of budding researchers providing them a practical approach and a hands-on experience on paper writing.


The best papers win cash prizes and the amazing opportunity to get their work published.


Note: There is no separate registration fees for the workshop. It is complementary once you have registered for conference.


For those participating in poster presentation can send the same research paper for the workshop.


Last date for the submission of the manuscript is 20 Feb, 9 am IST.


GUIDELINES (for manuscript submission)

  1. Word limit is 1000 words. Authors are requested to stick to the word limit.
  2. Your paper should include the following components- Title, Background, Methodology, Results, Conclusion.
  3. Format- pdf; the pdf file to be submitted must be named “Manuscript – Short title”. Example: Manuscript – DOTS Compliance
  1. Font- times new roman (Titles – size 14 ; Normal text – size 12)
  2. Language English (For terms in the vernacular, closest translations must be provided)
  3. Papers may include flow charts or relevant pictorial representations (not a necessity)
  4. Must contain details of all the authors of the paper and contact information.
  5. Papers must be submitted in PDF format to – medsiconacademics@gmail.com


  1. Plagiarism leads to cancellation of paper
  2. The person entering accepts responsibility to obtain any clearances required and the organizing committee accepts entry on this understanding.
  3. Decisions of jury and organizing committee will be final and irrevocable.
  4. Organizing committee reserves the right to amend the above guidelines.


For any queries,

email us at medsiconacademics@gmail.com

Or Contact –

Snimarjot Kaur: +918750866585

Nimish Sandooja: +91-99710-61128

Yogendra Singh: +91-83025-95975

Zoya: +91 97185 64494