April 23, 2016




MEDSICON 2017 pre-events are here.

The Literary team anounces an online quiz competition starting fron 10th november 2016. Questions from various subjects of MBBS curriculum will be posted on our Facebook page regularly.

Two winners will be selected on a weekly basis based on their regularity and accuracy. They will receive recognition on our Facebook page and website.

People with maximum correct answers will be suitably rewarded with awards and discount coupons during the conference .

Questions will be posted during any time of the day so you have to stay tuned to our page.

Good luck!

JAM – Just A Minute

With the sheer interest of laughing and making the audience laugh till their bellies start to ache, we

at MEDSICON 2017, heartily invite you to our most entertaining and humorous event JAM – the Just a

Minute Competition.

The panel of judges throw at you funny and puzzling topics and you have to speak on that topic for a

minute without any hesitation, repetition or deviation.

If you are a chatter box and can blabber on any topic and amaze the audience with your spontaneity,

come and participate in our event.


1. Only solo participants are allowed.

2. Language – strictly English.

3. Topics will be given on the spot.

4. Hesitation, repetition or deviation from the topic will fetch you negative points.

5. There will be interjections from the fellow participants and the judges.

6. The decision of the judges would be final and binding.

For any further queries,

Prakhar Srivastava : +91-70428-75202
Ayush Agarwal : +91-98683-91280

or email us at medsicon2017@gmail.com

ABHIVYAKTI: The Debate Competition

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”

– Joseph Joubert, French Moralist and Essayist


We, at Medsicon-2017, are pleased to invite you to, Abhivyakti, the International Debate Competition on proposition:

“Ethics in medicine are a dead horse.”

“चिकित्सा में नैतिकता का पतन |”

Date: February 26, 2017
Time: 11am to 1pm
Venue: Lecture theatre 1


If you are driven by logics and have the capability to convince the audience by giving them proper reasons and answering their dilemmas, register and participate in this one of its kind debate competition.

It is a big opportunity for all the literary enthusiasts to show their debating skills and get rewarded.



  1. Each team will comprise of two members-one for and one against the motion.
  2. The topic for the debate will be disclosed later, well in time for the participants to prepare.
  3. The debate will be bilingual, that is, in English as well as in Hindi. Each team however, must choose one language to speak in. Failure to adhere to one language in a speech will invite negative marks.
  4. Each participant will be given a total of 4 minutes to present his argument. A warning bell will be rung after 3 minutes. Crossing the time limit will also cause deduction of marks. The speech shall be followed by a rebuttal round in which each speaker must answer 2 questions in his chosen language.
  5. The participant will be judged on the following basis by each judge-

– Content – 15 marks

– Style – 15 marks

– Strategy – 10 marks

– Rebuttal – 10 marks


  • Best Speaker For the Motion(English)
  • Best Speaker Against the Motion(English)
  • Best Speaker For the Motion(Hindi)
  • Best Speaker Against the Motion(Hindi)
  • Best Interjector

Registrations can be done either online or on the spot.


No extra fee, you only have to pay registration fee for MEDSICON 2017

For any further queries,

Prakhar Srivastava : +91-70428-75202
Vatsal Gupta : +91-72890-53837

or email us at medsicon2017@gmail.com


We at MEDSICON 2017, are glad to invite you to evince your scholastic skills at our medical quiz “Intellectuals”. It is a one of its kind quiz competition for medical undergraduate students from various colleges to interact and share their knowledge with each other.
If you lie buried in the depths of medicine, if you believe that the crown of clinical knowledge should rest upon your head, if you regard the castle of healing as a playground for your grey cells, then arise, awaken and claim the throne of Intellectuals.

The quiz will be based upon general medical questions.

  1. It will be held in two rounds .
    • The first or the preliminary round will be a written round, held off-stage. In this round the teams will be scored and only six top scoring teams will get into the second round.
    • The second round or the final round will be on stage in which the six selected teams would compete with each other.
  2. The teams competing can have 2-4 members studying in the mbbs course.
  3. The decision of quiz masters shall be final and binding. Prizes will be announced later.

For any further queries,
Ivanshi Baijnathan : +91-93527-42344
Prakhar Srivastava : +91-70428-75202

Or email us : medsicon2017@gmail.com