March 17, 2018

Just A Minute – JAM


JAM – Just A Minute

For all the chatterboxes out there, we have just the event for you! Here, at MEDSICON 2018, JAM (Just A Minute) – our most entertaining and humorous event is back this year!

Inviting you to speak a mile a minute on the amusing and puzzling topics thrown at you by our panel of judges, this event will make you laugh till your bellies ache.

Join us and amaze the audience with your brilliant and spontaneous minds.


  1. Only solo participants are allowed.
  2. Language – strictly English.
  3. Topics will be given on the spot.
  4. Hesitation, repetition or deviation from the topic will fetch you negative points.
  5. There will be interjections from the fellow participants and the judges.
  6. The decision of the judges would be final and binding.