March 17, 2018

Emergency & Critical Care


In order to manage common emergencies every medical student should possess basic knowledge of emergency care and the skills necessary for dealing with these situations. Understanding BLS courses and more than that, practicing these techniques is by far the most important and challenging task confronting first aid.
This workshop provides students hands on experience with BLS procedures. Automated dummies will be used to mimic live clinical situations and to provide delegates training in the following procedures organized by the Department of Anesthesiology, VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital under Dr. G Usha.

Station I: Airway & Oxygenation
Airway manoeuvres
Airway devices –OPA, NPA, Bag valve mask (Ambu)
Oxygen source
Oxygen devices
 Station II: Breathing
Mouth to mouth, mouth to mask, Bag-valve-mask
LMA insertion, Endotracheal intubation, Combi tube
SPO2 & ETCO2 monitoring
Station III: Circulation
Securing an intravenous access.
Intravenous fluid administration
ECG & NIBP monitoring
Chest compressions
Station IV: Disability
Immobilisation of cervical spine- MILS
Cervical collar
Long spine board
Log roll
Choking & Heimlich manoeuvre

Back slaps & chest compression in an infant

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Chetna Siwach: +91 85275 92871