March 17, 2018


ABHIVYAKTI: The Debate Competition

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.

We, at MEDSICON-2018, are pleased to invite you to, Abhivyakti, the International Debate Competition on proposition:

Most brilliance comes from healthy and passionate debate. So let’s open up our minds and search for the truth! With logic and reasoning by our side, we invite you to register and participate in our most awaited and popular event – Abhivyakti.

Showcase your intellectual minds and enthusiasm and be rewarded for your literary and verbal skills. Seize the opportunity to blow away the audience and judges with your passion and perseverance.


  1. Each team will comprise of two members-one for and one against the motion.
  2. The topic for the debate will be disclosed later, well in time for the participants to prepare.
  3. The debate will be bilingual, that is, in English as well as in Hindi. Each team however, must choose one language to speak in. Failure to adhere to one language in a speech will invite negative marks.
  4. Each participant will be given a total of 4 minutes to present his argument. A warning bell will be rung after 3 minutes. Crossing the time limit will also cause deduction of marks. The speech shall be followed by a rebuttal round in which each speaker must answer 2 questions in his chosen language.
  5. The participant will be judged on the following basis by each judge-

– Content – 15 marks

– Style – 15 marks

– Strategy – 10 marks

– Rebuttal – 10 marks


  • Best Speaker For the Motion (1st and 2nd prize)
  • Best Speaker Against the Motion (1st and 2nd prize)

Registrations can be done either online or on the spot.