26th- 29thApril, 2018

8th Annual Conference



The Panel Discussion

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MEDSICON 2018 Two dreams, into one reality. April 2018, brings medical fraternity the unparalleled occasion of two big conferences - MEDSICON which was envisaged under the mentorship of Dr. Chintamani and VAMSCON - the unique learning experience with numerous workshops and sharing of knowledge and ideas. MEDSICON started as a national conference in 2011 and soon evolved into a global event, being attended by national as well as international delegates. We envision the 8th Annual Conference - MEDSICON 2018, like Ganges from Gangotri and Yamnotri, to carry forward the legacy of these two conferences together; providing an enormous combined learning platform with - A number of hands-on workshops, ranging from basic surgical skills to emergency and critical care to burns and plastics, advanced molecular biology and many more; promoting as well as sharing research and resources under the guidance of renowned faculty. Emphasis on Academic events like poster presentation, podium presentation, clinical photo assay, clinical case presentation and the highlight event, The panel discussion CONCLAVE - where students put forth innovative and practical ideas in front of a panel of change-makers. Also a plethora of fun but competitive literary events like Quiz (senior and junior), just a minute, debate, medical dumb charades and Pictionary. We invite medical undergraduates to join us, and continue this process of learning and sharing their research as well as their ideas and thoughts as a community.

  • The face to face, no holds barred, brainstorming panel discussion among teams from all colleges; where they present their ideas for innovation and their practicality in the future in front of a panel of change-makers.

  • Multiple hands-on skill based workshops on topics like Basic Surgical Skills, Emergency & Critical Care, Burns & Plastics, Orthopedics Skills, Critical Obstetrics Skills, Molecular Biology and Scientific Paper Writing.

  • Poster and oral presentations by young researchers are the highlight of the events.
    Over 100 unique research ideas were presented at MEDSICON 2017

  • Clinical Case Presentation, Clinical Photo Assay, Debate, Quiz, Just A Minute. Also events like Medical Pictionary, Medical Dumb charade in the evening to provide a platform for the students from various parts of the world to interact with each other and grow as a community.


Organising Team 2018

Dr. Rajendra Sharma

Chief Patron

Medical Superintendent

VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi

Dr. N N Mathur



VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi

Prof. Chintamani

Mentor & Chief Organizing Chairman

Department of General Surgery
VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi

Dr. Geetika Khanna

Co-Organising Chairperson

Director Professor
Department of Pathology
VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi

Dr. Deepthi Nair

Co-Organising Chairperson

Consultant and Professor
Department of Microbiology
VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi


Organizing Secretary

Ayush agarwal

Organizing Secretary

Karan sachdeva

Organizing Secretary

mannat mahajan

Organizing Secretary

ishaan siwach

Organizing Secretary

Aarushi Mehta

Organizing Secretary

abhinav utkarsh

Organizing Secretary

aastha choudhary

Organizing Secretary

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